1C:Drive is a complex ERP solution for small, medium and large foreign businesses.

No business representative wants to spend a lot of time on building accounting processes and even on choosing the most suitable software product. Their task is to produce goods, provide services and earn money.

1C:Drive allows you to keep operational, financial and management records, takes into account the specifics of work in various industries and is able to meet the needs of any production, trade or service company.

The main advantages of 1C:Drive include:

– flexible system adjustment at the user level without using a configurator

− intuitive interface

− multilingual interface

− use of the accounting management plan with IFRS in mind

− support of all main business processes of a small company

− modules not used in the business process can be turned off

− a convenient assistant for inputting initial data from spreadsheets

− a visual graphic presentation of the company’s activity indicators in one place

Our specialists will help you to optimize the work of the enterprise as soon as possible by implementing a modern information system with minimal disruption to production.