BAS Accounting is a comprehensive software solution for automating accounting operations in commercial organizations with various taxation systems.

The configuration can be used by enterprises paying and not paying VAT on the general or simplified taxation system. The program interface is adapted to the needs of users and allows you to independently configure a number of forms and journals to suit your needs.

Users who have several enterprises with related economic activities have the opportunity to run several enterprises in one database. This allows you to significantly speed up work processes at the expense of general nomenclature directories and contractors.

BAS Accounting automates the following areas of accounting:

Warehouse accounting

Conducting inventories, calculating surpluses and shortages of goods with identification of materially responsible persons.

Trade operations

Creation of invoice documents, expense and tax invoices, act of provision of services, return of goods.

Mutual settlements with suppliers and buyers are made in the context of separate contracts. Various types of prices are available for calculating mutual settlements: wholesale, small wholesale, retail, etc.

In retail trade, it is possible to quickly reflect sales or calculate them based on the results of the inventory.

Documents for the return of goods and services are filled out automatically during the execution of the agreement.

The configuration also allows you to keep track of commission trade operations and display the goods taken on commission or transferred to the commission agent.

When creating the principal’s report or conducting the commission’s report, the commission fee is calculated automatically.

Bank and cash register

The operations of salary payment and transfer of taxes, mutual settlements with counterparties, mutual settlements with accountable persons are automated.

Non-cash and cash banking operations are carried out both in national and foreign currency, with the calculation of exchange rate differences.

The cash book is created automatically, after the payment documents have been processed.

Fixed assets, low-value and intangible assets

The operations of receipt of fixed assets, low-value and intangible assets, acceptance for accounting, calculation of depreciation, inventory of fixed and low-value assets, transfer, write-off and revaluation of fixed assets, low-value and intangible assets are automated.

When calculating depreciation, you can distribute the accrual amount to several accounts or analytical accounting objects. Depreciation of seasonal fixed assets can be calculated according to an individual schedule.


In the configuration, automated accounting of operations, calculation of the cost of goods and services (main and auxiliary production), processing of customer raw materials, display of goods in accounting at planned cost during the production process and automatic calculation of the actual cost after its completion, release of semi-finished products

Salary and personnel

The configuration allows you to hire a full-time or part-time employee (external and internal), calculate a salary based on salary or other types of accruals and make payments to employee accounts, make deposits, calculate taxes and contributions from wages, automatically fill out relevant reports (1DF, EUV).

In BAS Accounting of  KORP, you can keep advanced personnel records of employees and accruals.

Advanced functionality includes:

– staff schedule

– use of holidays

– general and special experience

− calculation of the working day

– calculation of sick and vacation pay based on average earnings

– CPC contracts

– calculation of overtime, part-time, and night pay according to complex formulas

– content according to executive letters and alimony

– calculations with the FSS

– individual user access to salary data

BAS Accounting PROF can keep simplified personnel records of employees and charges without creating the corresponding personnel documents.


The system includes all the main regulated forms of reporting to regulatory bodies: the State Tax Service, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the State Statistics Service and other funds.

It is possible to export reporting in *.xml format for submission to regulatory authorities. All reporting forms are regularly updated in accordance with changes in current legislation.

The configuration is integrated with the FREDO system. A report that allows you to check the correctness of filling out reports, sign with a qualified electronic signature and submit to regulatory authorities without creating intermediate document files.


The configuration includes all the tools for automated VAT accounting. Within this section, it is possible to fill out all regulated forms of tax documents: tax invoice, appendix 2, tax declaration with VAT.

To calculate VAT based on the first event, you can calculate the amount of tax during the preparation of documents or postpone the calculation of VAT until the end of the tax period.

Reserves are reflected within their tax purpose of additional control over the correctness of the formed credit.

Income tax

The tax accounting system is maintained in accordance with the current legislation and allows you to automatically generate an income tax return after the end of the tax period.

After the end of the tax period, the system automatically adjusts the financial result for the difference when calculating depreciation.

Single tax

BAS Accounting has implemented an accounting system for entrepreneurs with a simplified taxation system.

On the basis of the transactions carried out, the accounting system fills in the accounting book of income and expenses for individuals, as well as fills in the declaration of single tax payers.

Completion of the tax period

At the end of the tax period, the accounting system automatically revalues the foreign currency, writes off the costs of future periods and determines the financial results. During the closing of the period, it is possible to fill out the calculation certificates for the distribution of indirect costs, revaluation of funds, and others.

Checking the correctness of accounting

Users can automatically check the accounting results using the express check. Based on the results of the inspection, a detailed report is created with comments on the possible causes of errors and recommendations for their elimination.

With the help of settings, you can include additional reports, guides or individual fields of documents related to this parameter to the program interface.

For the convenience of users, the program implements the possibility of automatic loading of regulated classifiers and currency rates. A flexible system of user rights allows you to configure access to credentials individually for each employee. Limited access rights prohibit editing or hide individual documents from the user.

The configuration works on the basis of the BAF and 1C functional platform and provides extensive technical administration capabilities and automatic program updates.

The cost of the software product BAS Professional Accounting: UAH 6690  

BAS Corporate Accounting: UAH 18 000