VS Market: Retail is a trade automation solution developed on the 1C platform. The emphasis is primarily on the cashier’s workplace to increase the speed of service, work autonomy, full support for touch control, the ability to quickly add new functionality and automate non-standard business processes.

Having been engaged in the automation of wholesale and retail trade, financial and warehouse accounting for a long time, we have accumulated a lot of experience. This experience has determined the key rule that must be followed when starting to automate and optimize business processes in any industry.

“The company’s IT system should not be a limiting factor in business development.”

There is a huge amount of software that allows you to automate various areas of enterprise activity comprehensively and separately, but in reality, ideal solutions do not exist. It is always necessary to choose the optimal solution in favor of certain pricing policy technologies, taking into account various criteria. But an important criterion that is often overlooked is the quick adaptation and change of the software to the needs and development of the business, not taking into account that you will have to adapt to the capabilities of the program, not to your needs. In practice, 90% of our customers have encountered this and successfully overcome difficulties thanks to our solutions and recommendations.

At the moment, based on the totality of all factors, 1C has no analogues for quickly solving tasks related to automation of business processes, integration with other information systems, trading equipment, etc., which in practice has been confirmed by implemented projects on the market of Ukraine and Poland.

But any decision must be made correctly and fully evaluate all possible factors: risks, complexity of implementation, integration with other accounting and trading systems, prospects for development and scaling of the solution.

Get in touch. We will help you choose the optimal solution, even if the choice is not in favor of our solution.

The VS Market solution has been successfully used in the automation of stores and warehouses of various groups of goods and services in Ukraine and Poland:

– supermarket, minimarket, grocery store

 – draft beer store

 – meat, fish, vegetable shop

– clothing and footwear boutiques, stores and warehouses

 – gift and flower shop

– store of building materials, industrial goods, spare parts

– coffee shops, dining rooms

VS Market supports work with a wide range of popular trading hardware. We are constantly expanding the list of equipment supported not only by popular models, but also highly specialized ones. At the moment, support for POSNET / THERMAL fiscal recorders for Poland, specialized weighing equipment SARTORIUS is implemented. Implemented work with software PRO.

The cost of the software product: UAH 6000.

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